Data and Research Sovereignty

It is important that research is done in a way that respects and acknowledges traditional knowledge and values of Indigenous Peoples. For this Digital App Project, each community will have complete control over their own data.

OCAP Principles and Ethics:  

This initiative is committed to OCAP principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession. These principles extend to all aspects of research being done for this project including the way information is being gathered to the way information is being stored and managed.

This initiative has been approved by our Indigenous Advisory Board and by the University of Manitoba Ethics Board.

Information gathered in the App is anonymous to protect participants identity.


Data Ownership:

All data is owned and in complete control of the community and will remain with the community.

Our organization will not access community data unless instructed to do so by the community the data belongs to. If communities choose to share data with us we will follow community protocols and sign consent forms with the community.

For more information on data sovereignty and privacy, feel free to contact us.


 Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP™): The Path to First Nations Information Governance