Connectivity & Offline Packs

Offline Packs

Offline Packs are mobile stations that create a Local Area Network (LAN) where the Our Data Indigenous Dashboard is used to store survey data. The pack consists of a router, battery pack, and laptop.

Survey Participants can connect to the LAN when there is no internet connectivity available. Surveys that are filled out on phones or tablets connected to the LAN are stored on the Offline Pack laptop, not the internet.


Offline Packs may also be used for those who do not want their data on the internet and saved on the project servers. By using the Offline Pack laptop, all data will be stored on it locally.

Using the Offline version of the Dashboard is the same as using the Online version except internet connectivity is not required. This means that all data is stored locally on the laptop instead of on the online Dashboard server.

What is a Local Area Network (LAN)?

A local area network is a computer network that allows devices (such as phones, tablets and computers) to connect to a web servers in a specific area. LANs kind of act like a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How can a LAN be used?

Users can access the Our Data Indigenous App to fill out surveys by connecting to the LAN.

Can I use a LAN as Wi-fi?

A LAN cannot be used to connect to the internet, social media, or email. It can only be used to access the Our Data Indigenous App, or any other things pre-loaded on the LAN.

Privacy and LANs.

LANs can be used to remotely and securely store survey data collected through the Our Data Indigenous App. Only users can access what is on their LAN, no one else can access it.

How can the Offline Packs be used?
  1. Set up in a Permanent Location
  • Choose a location where users can access to connect their devices to the Local Area Network to upload their surveys or download content from the app.
  1. Take it with you
  • All of the contents of the Offline pack fit in a Backpack that is portable and can be taken with you to locations where you want to conduct surveys. Users can upload their survey data to the Dashboard from any location regardless of having internet connection by connecting to the Local Area Network.
  1. Local Data Storage
  • Offline packs may also be used for communities who do not want their data on the internet and saved on the project servers.
  • By using the Dashboard on the laptops that come with the Offline Packs all data will be stored on that laptop